The Essential Coaching Skills Podcast

The Essential Coaching Skills Podcast

Hosted by: Doug OBrien

A show dedicated to discovering the Coaching secrets and strategies that set the best apart. Interviews with top coaches where they reveal out their essential skills.

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Episode 148 - Dr Bob Bays - former Head Trainer for Robbins Research and so much more.

Robert Bays, Ph.D. An international seminar leader and consultant for over thirty years and a former college professor, Dr. Robert Bays has presented over 500 seminars throughout the United States, Canada, the United...
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Episode 147 - Shelle Rose Charvet - the LAB Profile in Action

Shelle Rose Charvet is the founder of The Institute for Influence and Success Strategies. She is a bestselling author and a international expert on Influencing Language, researching and teaching for over 30 years. Her...
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Episode 146 - Connirae Andreas, NLP Co-Developer

Connirae Andreas, NLP Co-Developer, Author, Teacher, Explorer. Talks about the early days of NLP, how she and her late husband Steve Andreas came to be involved and what her new "Wholeness Process" is all about. You...
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Episode 145 - Matthew Dicks - Storyteller, Author, Teacher

Matthew Dicks is an elementary school teacher, columnist, and internationally bestselling author of several novels including The Other Mother, Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, and Twenty-one Truths About Love, as well...
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Episode 144 - A Taste of the Hypnosis Buffett

This episode is a recording of the first webinar (of three) covering some hallmarks of Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis called "A 3-Day Hypnosis Buffet." The theme for this first webinar is "Speaking Hypnotically." It was...
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Episode 143 - David Gordon - Author, Teacher, Modeler, on of the O.G.s of NLP

In this episode, I speak with David Gordon. David is one of the original gangsters of NLP. He is the author of "Therapeutic Metaphors," "Phoenix," (both superb books on Ericksonian Hypnosis), and "Expanding Your...
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Episode 142 - What I Learned from Dave, and Tony and Richard and Robert and David and Betty Alice...

Featuring lessons learned from Dave Dobson, Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan, David Gordon, Bill O'Hanlon, Betty Alice Erickson and more.
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Episode 141 - Bill O'Hanlon on Songwriting

My conversation this week is again with Bill O'Hanlon, but in a very different way. Today's conversation is all about music in general and songwriting in particular. Bill has written 40 books and is about to publish...
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Episode 140 - What I learned from Dave - with Mark Thomas and Drew Pearson

Episode #140

Our latest installment of the series of What I learned from Dave (Dr Dave Dobson) features my conversation with "repeat offenders" Mark Thomas and Drew Pearson. Drew Pearson is a retired fire test engineer. He studied...
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Episode # 139 - Lucy Freeman on NLP, Transactional Analysis and ”Syntax for Change”

Episode #139

Founder and CEO of "Syntax For Change," Lucy D. Freedman is a leading expert in communication, leadership. and change. With a life-long passion for enabling people to communicate and connect with honor, respect, and...
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Episode 138 - What I learned from Dave - with Halimah Holiday and John Morgan

Episode #138

WHAT I LEARNED FROM DAVE - a series within the podcast that features different folks who studied with Dr. Dave Dobson, PhD and one or more of his "Funshops" In this episode I'm joined by Halimah Holiday and John...
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Episode137 - Bill O’Hanlon on Ericksonian Hypnosis and Storytelling

Episode #137

Bill O'Hanlon is a world-renowned leader in the fields of brief psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis. Bill is the author of nearly 40 books and has delivered over 3,700 talks around the world. He was featured on the...
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