Episode 147 - Shelle Rose Charvet - the LAB Profile in Action

Shelle Rose Charvet is the founder of The Institute for Influence and Success Strategies. She is a bestselling author and a international expert on Influencing Language, researching and teaching for over 30 years. Her first book, "Words That Change Minds," is an international bestseller, In today’s podcast Shelle elicits a LAB profile on me (Doug) in real time and then tells how you could use the information you’ve learned. What is the LAB Profile®? Have you noticed that personality profiles tend to label people as if they “always” have one characteristic or another? The LAB Profile®, short for Language and Behavior Profile, recognizes that our behavior changes in different situations. So does our motivation and our language. The LAB Profile® shows you how to interpret people’s language and behavior in different contexts, so you can better understand, predict and influence behavior. The video also contains a link to a FREE DOWNLOAD of Shelle’s LAB Profile Cheat Sheet! (https://iifi.kartra.com/page/LabProfileCheatSheet) Contact Shelle at https://instituteforinfluence.com/


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