Three Killer

Coaching Tools


that Get Results… Making You Stand Out from Your Competition… So You Can Turn Your Side Hustle into Your Main Game

I invested more than 30 years to ENSURE these tools work for every kind of coach. Now they’re READY for you to implement in your business starting TODAY!

Doug O’Brien

Every coach needs a coach – and Doug O’Brien has been the coach to thousands of people over his career.

His courses in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Sleight of Mouth have helped coaches and other success-minded individuals level up their skills, so they can achieve their goals faster and easier. Now Doug is offering these three programs online so you can supercharge your coaching and success skills in the convenience of your own home. If you’re looking for that edge to help you stand out as the go-to coach in your niche – and command the fees that comes with that status – then look no more. Take one program and without question you’ll be a better coach. Take all three and you’ll have a supercharged skill set that will be the envy of your coaching peers.

The things that Doug emphasizes in his courses that help you become a more effective coach include:

  • Establish rapport quickly with anyone so you can more effectively communicate with (and influence) them
  • Understand how people think so you can productively work with a much wider variety of clients
  • Learn how to “mind read” so you know what your client is really thinking and feeling, giving you that edge as you help them overcome their deep-seated blocks to success
  • Teach your clients how to get what they want through developing “well formedness conditions”
  • Help your clients anchor in supportive states so they can switch their physiology and their moods on demand (powerful!)
  • Be effective and genuine in client discovery calls so that your perfect clients begin their coaching journey with you (and gladly hand over their money!)
  • Attract, keep, and grow happy clients so you can build a thriving coaching practice

And much, much more!

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You might have heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – it’s the coaching method that best-selling author and speaker Tony Robbins made famous.

At its core, NLP is a tool that explores the structure of a person’s experience of the world as well as the mechanics of how that experience can be changed to achieve goals.

Doug leverages his years studying with and working for Tony’s company to bring you this foundational coach training that will give you the skills you need to help your clients make faster and easier progress towards their goals.


Some of the skills you’ll learn in this online coaching course include:

  • Understand the structure of human thought to supercharge your coaching skills
  • Learn easy-to-apply skills to Build Rapport with Your Clients
  • Use your client’s Eye Movements to help them make change in their lives
  • Develop “Well Formedness Conditions” for your client’s goals they get what they really want
  • Teach your clients how to anchor and access “power states” so they can switch on these instantly

Doug is great at teaching new coaches practical skills in NLP. He starts with NLP Essentials so you can develop a solid foundation. He breaks NLP down into basic steps so that you can start using it immediately in your daily life and in your business. One of the things you study in his NLP courses is subjective experience. Doug teaches you how to help your clients put their experience of the world into words so they understand phenomenon at a process level. They realize it’s not just this and that happened to them, they begin to realize the deeper parts of cause and effect that underpin their experience. That's why people love NLP so much – they feel empowered to influence their life experience, instead of their life just happening to them. And when clients start to learn how to better direct their life experience, they can start being more proactive about what kind of results they want and what actions they take to fulfill their goals.

Jim Kelley, Director and Founder

ChangeWorks Institute


At its most basic level, hypnosis is a coaching tool that creates hyper-focus on a topic that a client wants to change in their life. That topic can be a limiting belief, a self-destructive behavior, or even a long-term goal the client wants to achieve. Ericksonian Hypnosis is one type of hypnosis that by its very nature is customized to the client. Doug combines the essential skills of NLP with the fundamentals of Ericksonian Hypnosis to give you an even more powerful coaching tool: NEO-ERICKSONIAN HYPNOSIS. Some of the skills you’ll learn in this online hypnosis course include:


  • Create Instant Rapport so you can talk to anyone, anywhere
  • Read Body Language (sometimes known as Other Than Conscious Communication) so you can know what a client is really thinking
  • Apply Direct and Indirect Suggestions to get your clients unstuck
  • Use Embedded Commands to help your clients get the results they want
  • Teach your clients Self-Hypnosis which allows them to get results on their own in between coaching sessions



Anyone can learn hypnosis in a multi-day course. Or coaching. Or NLP. Doug offers a multi-faceted approach taking traditional training a level up. His interpretation of Ericksonian Hypnosis is combined with and enhanced by NLP and other methodologies. Drawing from his years of collaboration with some of the true greats of NLP and coaching, including Tony Robbins, Doug’s classes offer rare insights. His approach imparts exceptional tools and techniques, paying future therapeutic dividends to his students. Pair all that with his hands-on personal style and you’ve got the powerful stuff you need!

Nota Znika, Certified Professional Hypnotist

Newport Hypnosis


Sleight of Mouth is language that gets results. This NLP technique allows coaches and other professionals to confidently persuade others, win more debates, and close more sales with ease. Simply put, Sleight of Mouth is a toolkit of different ways you can respond to another person’s verbalized belief. Using these tools, you can “turn around” a client’s argument that keeps them stuck in that belief, hindering the progress they’re wanting to make. Doug pulls back the curtain on this insider know-how so you can learn the nuts and bolts of this powerful technique. This stealth coaching tool helps you reframe your client’s beliefs so that they can finally get unstuck and make the changes they’re wanting to make – which in turn makes you a more effective (and ultimately better paid) coach. Some of the skills you’ll learn in this online NLP course include:

  • Apply the toolkit of 14 language patterns to help your clients understand how their beliefs are limiting their progress
  • Use these same language patterns to assist your client in changing those limiting beliefs
  • Take your coaching skills to the next level by helping your clients easily take their next step toward achieving their goals
  • Increase your persuasion skills in your daily life in all your interactions with others
  • Confidently address prospective client’s objections during a discovery call, which can help you build your client base (and your income)


Doug O’Brien’s ability to use NLP to teach NLP is probably the best I’ve seen in the business (and I don’t say that lightly - I’ve trained with pretty much all the big names). I had attempted to learn sleight of mouth skills in the past through CDs and at my NLP master practitioner training, but since I didn’t take the time to study extensively afterwards, I never really “got it” enough to practice it. Taking Doug's class enabled me to make it stick. A few days later I find myself with a thorough recall of the patterns and the ability to use them – I can actually practice what I learned in client sessions without the intermediate step of a lot of home study. Great job, Doug. Thanks!

Brian Mahoney, Boston Hypnosis

A message from Doug



I’m very glad you stopped by. Creating this has been a labor of love and represents a huge portion of my life’s work under one roof.

Here you will find the very best of my teaching of NLP, Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis and Sleight of Mouth in a cost-effective, yet thorough and comprehensive way.

You can learn on your own, in a self-directed way with the classes that have been assembled over the past year or so, or you can do that and add a live, once-a-week master class.

Pick one of the three areas of focus or dive in and enjoy them all.

However you decide is best for you, you can be sure you will actually LEARN, in a functional way, these essential coaching skills and become the VERY BEST coach you can be. This master skills-set is the road to earning top dollar in the growing coaching industry because you will be able to help your clients actually get to where they want to go.

Plus - it’s fun. You’ll enjoy learning and getting to where YOU want to go.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to connecting with you.



Doug O’Brien

Longtime colleague & Coach Jim Kelley said it best:


What’s so cool about the way Doug practices NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Sleight of Mouth, is that he's saying by learning these three tools, you can up level your personal performance.

It’s great because you can help yourself become a better person. You can get better results out of your life. You can even be happier.

As a coach or professional who needs to manage, communicate, encourage, and persuade, your performance will improve as you work with others — all of which supports your mission and purpose.

I’ve known Doug for many years and have directly experienced his skills and expertise. I recommend you go ahead and work with Doug - it’s powerful & you’ll have fun as you grow.


 Jim Kelley, Director and Founder

ChangeWorks Institute

I’m willing to bet that you’re beginning to understand the value that these three powerful coaching tools can bring to you and your clients. From the convenience of your home, you can take these online coach trainings starting today. Learn one and level up your skills by expanding your coaching toolkit. Learn all three and develop a cutting-edge, nuanced skill set that few have – making your coaching skills more effective and leaving your competitors wondering how you get the results you do. If you’re ready to take the next step in building your coaching practice, then join me.

Doug O’Brien