Episode 141 - Bill O'Hanlon on Songwriting

My conversation this week is again with Bill O'Hanlon, but in a very different way. Today's conversation is all about music in general and songwriting in particular. Bill has written 40 books and is about to publish his 41st. But he likes to say that he's left his old life - of being a therapist and teacher of therapy - behind and is now deeply involved in the art and craft of songwriting.

He lives at least part of each year in Nashville Tennessee, and has written approximately 1400 songs so far. Some of them already picked up and recorded by other artists and also for use on television.

If you want to hear some of them here are some links:

* Bill playing some of his songs: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLonFVyNDRRzW1ZdJYcFmtZ0-rHFkNhBnc

Here is a playlist of some of Bill's songs that have been recorded and released by other artists:



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