A conversation with Dr. Richard Bolstad, NLP Trainer from New Zealand

Episode #126

New Zealand's foremost NLP Master Trainer, Dr. Richard Bolstad, reveals his path to NLP and why he's soon to complete a PhD in Anthropology in his mid 60s.

This is the interview from the "Help Jerry Seavey Heal" Fundathon in its complete, unedited, version.

To see/hear the entire fundathon, you still can watch it all - until the end of the year.

Click here: https://streamyard.com/watch/2ZAhKXyDMPwa

To go directly to the GO FUND ME site to donate to Help Jerry Seavey Heal fund, please click here: https://gofund.me/61fd158ahttps://gofund.me/61fd158a


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