Episode # 129 - Shauna Cummins - author of ”Wishcraft,” holder of ceremonies, multi-disciplinary artist and founder of Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis

Episode #129

Shauna Cummins is a professional hypnotist and multidisciplinary artist. She is the founder of the Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis and author of The Wishcraft, A guide to manifesting a positive future (hardie grant). The Wishcraft is a method of self-hypnosis that teaches the art of well-wishing as a practice for changing thought patterns and beliefs, turning wishes into action. She has a private hypnosis practice, teaches workshops, creates hypnotic sound art and installations. Her work has been featured internationally at The National Gallery of Denmark, The Center for Contemporary Art Glasgow and in publications such as the Harper’s Bazaar, The Independent, Business Insider, YAHOO news and Refinery29 among others. She lives in New York City. www.shaunacummins.com @thewishcraft [email protected]


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