Episode 138 - What I learned from Dave - with Halimah Holiday and John Morgan

Episode #138

WHAT I LEARNED FROM DAVE - a series within the podcast that features different folks who studied with Dr. Dave Dobson, PhD and one or more of his "Funshops"

In this episode I'm joined by Halimah Holiday and John Morgan. John and Halimah worked together for years via John's company, "John Morgan Seminars," where I also worked for about seven years doing Hypnosis seminars for Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss.

Halimah Holliday certified in Ericksonian hypnotherapy with Doug O'Brien in 1997 (I think?) and attended one of Dave Dobson's last Funshops in 2006. She is a massage therapist who has a guided visualization called "Virtual Massage." She retired as coordinator of John Morgan Seminars and now lives a quiet life in the Virginia countryside. She designs and creates custom journals and notebooks for Ledger And Lace and is currently writing The Fern World. Link to Virtual Massage recording Ledger & Lace YT channel:    • Virtual Massage  

John Morgan has been billed as America’s Best Known Hypnotherapist. John’s "Grasshopper Notes" podcasts are a collection of guided meditations and bite-sized, mini podcasts which open you to new ways of thinking, communicating, and responding.You get a finer appreciation of how your mind works and how to use your internal resources to your best advantage. See a video of John's background at the following link:    • Who Is John Morga...   In short, John Morgan is a people helper. Explore his channel and see what he can help you discover.

Link to YouTube:    / @grasshoppernotes  

Link to Podcasting: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1628038


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