Episode # 139 - Lucy Freeman on NLP, Transactional Analysis and ”Syntax for Change”

Episode #139

Founder and CEO of "Syntax For Change," Lucy D. Freedman is a leading expert in communication, leadership. and change. With a life-long passion for enabling people to communicate and connect with honor, respect, and understanding, Lucy has decades of study and practice in interpersonal behavior as a speaker, teacher, corporate trainer, therapist, author, consultant, and coach.

Drawing from methods including transactional analysis, neurolinguistics, and the work of masters such as Dr. Milton Erickson and Fernando Flores, Lucy specializes in the practical techniques, perceptions, and behavior essential to human effectiveness in an environment of rapid change. She has also helped raise consciousness on issues of gender bias and other isms that limit opportunity.

The second edition of her book, Smart Work: The Syntax Guide to Influence, came out in 2012.

Learn more at: https://syntaxforchange.com/


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