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Breakthrough Coaching Technologies That Help You Make A Lasting Impact With Your Clients!


Do You Want To Help Your Clients Get Real, Lasting Results?

As a coach, the best feeling in the world is when you help your clients makes powerful changes in their lives.

Changes that stick.

That's the ultimate reminder of why you do what you do. That's also what what makes clients happily sign longer coaching agreements with you.

And ultimately, it's the results and personal transformation that inspires clients to tell all their friends about you, sending you a flood of referrals.

Bottom line? Your success as a coach comes down to your ability to produce breakthrough results for people.

When you can do that, word spreads, and you end up with more paying clients than you have time for.

Can you imagine...
  • Feeling completely sure of yourself, your skills, and your path as a coach, because the results you get people are undeniable?
  • Getting enthusiastic emails from clients who eagerly share their latest wins, crediting the work they're doing with you?
  • Being asked to appear on podcasts, summits, and on live stages without you ever needing to "toot your own horn"?

I want you to know it's 100% possible for you to make an impact like this when you have the right tools. Your growing reputation will open doors for you, giving you new opportunities to make an even bigger impact in the world.

When You Begin Using These Transformational Coaching Tools With Your Clients...

No more wondering if you've made the right choice in your career. Because let's face it, until you start getting deep results with clients, it's very easy to question whether this is the right path for you.
Instead, you wake up each day excited to work with your clients, because they take their work with you seriously. They show up to the calls eager to share and eager to learn.

No more dealing with clients who have "magical thinking" and expect you to fix everything for them right away.
Instead, your clients come in knowing they have to do the work and hold up their end of the agreement. They want to collaborate WITH you to achieve the result they came for.

No more feeling paralyzed by imposter syndrome and discounting your services (or agreeing to more work than you should for the same price).
Instead, imagine confidently and gently stating your price and your terms without any attachment to them saying yes. You can do that because you've got a steady stream of clients coming to you already.

Meet The Speakers

Aspirational Coaching - How To Stop Putting Out Clients' Fires & Help Them Reach Their Goals Instead
The E.A.S.E. Method - A Proven Goal-Getting Method You Can Use With Clients That Actually Works!
Mapping Your Coaching Process Into The 6 Levels Of Change (So Your Client Actually Changes)
Conditioned Change VS. Real Transformation - What Does It Take To Actually Shift Deeply Held Patterns?
Metaphors Of Movement - How To Use Your Client's Own Metaphors To Rewire Their Thinking
Shift Your Client Out Of A Negative Emotional State In Minutes Using Heartmath's Emotional Healing Grid
Using Business Choreography To Overdeliver With Clients (Without Doing Any Additional Work)
Discover Your Client's Motivation Triggers, And Use Their Own Language To Move Them To Action
Provocative Changeworks - A Proven Communication Model That Works Brilliantly In Therapy, Coaching, Business, And Personal Change

Here's A Small Sample Of What You'll Learn In This Virtual Summit

  • Does your client's inner dialog block them from making any meaningful progress? Learn Nick Kemp's almost magical process that erases negative mental chatter in minutes.
  • Do you give great advice, and yet your client just isn't changing? Robert Dilts will show you how to ensure change happens on all 6 levels. (If you're only coaching behavior, the change won't stick.)
  • Tired of always solving problems and putting out fires for your clients? Let Dave Buck show you how to switch the polarity of your coaching. Instead of always fixing problems, you can switch to positive, aspirational goals instead. (Your client doesn't even know this is an option, and will enjoy it much more.)
  • Do you like stories and metaphors? Mark Andreas will share an ingenius technology called Metaphors Of Movement. You'll actually use your client's own metaphors to rewire their thinking!
  • Struggling to get your clients to take action and follow through? Let Shelle Rose Charvet help you discover your client's natural "motivation triggers" that move them to action.
  • Are clients showing up to sessions in a negative emotional state? Let Debra Heslin teach you a Heartmath tool that gently shifts them to a more resourceful neutral state (where your coaching can actually make a difference).

Meet Your Host

Doug O'Brien



Doug is an NLP Master Trainer, and the author of the book: The User's Guide To Sleight Of Mouth.

He was also a master trainer in the Tony Robbins organization, and used to run the NYC branch of Robbin's Research International.

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